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“I was extremely close with my sister. In fact, growing up I truly viewed her as my best friend. After she passed I felt compelled to do something so other families do not experience what our family went through. The Marjorie B. Cohen Foundation was created to provide the essential education to high risk individuals and families.”

–Andy Cohen

Andrew J. Cohen lost his 38-year-old sister, Marjorie, to breast cancer in 2001, only one year after his 59-year-old father died of colon cancer. The family learned, through the illness, that Marjorie carried a genetic mutation that dramatically increased her risk of breast cancer. Andy, his family, and Marjie’s friends established the Marjorie B. Cohen Foundation which funds and supports cancer genetics research and education as well as outreach into the community. The Foundation hosts an annual golf tournament to raise awareness and to support the fund.

Board of Directors:

  • Andy Cohen
  • Linda Cohen
  • Cindy Liebman
  • Gary Moliken
  • Joanne Saffren
  • Alan Schweon